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Avoid Costly Mistakes By Hiring a Qualified San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer

Jan 9

Suppose you are a car accident victim because of another driver’s negligence or irresponsible actions. In that case, you have the right to sue them and request compensation to cover the injuries and damages you’ve suffered. However, it’s important to hire a qualified San Antonio car accident lawyer San Antonio, TX from The Major Law Firm PLLC so that you do not make mistakes that could compromise your case. We are experts in personal injury law and will help you avoid the following mistakes so that you can get the best from the case San Antonio, TX.

Giving Recorded Statement to the at-fault Driver’s Insurer

The other driver’s insurance company is likely to contact you right after the accident and ask to take a recorded statement. Then, the insurer will use everything you say to find fault in your claim, offer you less money, or deny the claim altogether. Fortunately, The Major Law Firm San Antonio PLLC will guide you each step of the way. San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer know how to handle communication with insurance companies to ensure everything works out for your good.

Signing the First Settlement Offer Letter

Insurance companies cannot be on your side. Instead, they do everything possible to convince you to accept a low settlement offer that might not be enough to cover the incurred losses. Accepting the first offer also limits your ability to pursue a claim down the road. In this case, our car accident lawyer in San Antonio will assess and value your case and discuss your options for getting a fair settlement. We fight tooth and nail to ensure you’re compensated for economic, non-economic, and punitive damages.

Delaying to File a Lawsuit

Texas has strict laws on the Statute of Limitations. That means waiting too long to file a lawsuit might compromise your claim altogether. Car Accident Lawyer San Antonio understand these laws, so we encourage you to contact us right after the car accident so that we can get started on your case. We will have the time to conduct investigations and interview witnesses to ensure we have enough evidence to build a strong case. Also, we have the time to prepare the necessary documents and present your claim before the deadline.

Sharing the Accident’s Details on Social Media

Car Accident Lawyer San Antonio advise the clients to keep off social media after an accident. It is the best way to ensure you do not post anything that could be used against you.

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